Supervised Housing


Encourage the recovery and autonomy of tenants through a methodology and measures that encourage taking back control of one’s life.

Much more than just supervised apartments, it is a bilingual and stimulating living environment.

To achieve this, we offer a healthy environment in affordable apartments that are adapted to the needs of those who live there.

Rehabilitation and reintegration into the community are also at the heart of the environment.

To achieve our purpose, services are offered directly on site:

  • In social work.
  • In intervention.
  • In accompaniment and referrals.


  • Develop autonomy and regain power over one’s life (apartment, finances, hygiene, everyday life and domestic life, etc.).
  • Develop and/or pursue a life project (work, study, volunteering or other).
  • Manage the activities necessary to maintain good physical and psychological health.
  • Maintain, develop or expand one’s social network.
  • Regain self-confidence.
  • Encouraging mutual assistance and cooperation among tenants.
  • To take one’s place as a citizen.



To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Aged between 18 and 35 years old at the time of application.
  • Recognize that you are living with a mental health issue.
  • Apply under your own free will.
  • Have the will to do what necessary towards recovery and autonomy.
  • Accept to actively participate in your recovery plan on a consistent basis with the support of your designated coach from the organization. (An integral part of the agreement is to have regular follow ups, this has to be part of your recovery plan).
  • To not have a severe problem with drug or alcohol consumption.
  • Follow the rules within the surroundings
  • To not have violent behavior that could put others at risk.
  • To be a Canadian citizen or have permanent resident status
  • Accept to complete and provide the necessary documentation to apply for an apartment (lease, proof of revenue, bank statements, etc…)


Contact us :


By phone : 819 481-0385

By email :

By « Messenger » from our Facebook page

  • Fill out the form(s) we will send and return them.
  • Provide the necessary documentation for us to process your request (ie : current lease, proof of revenue, bank statements, etc…).
  • Accept to be part of a selection interview.


Mon Shack has a management committee to assure impartiality with regards to the selection of candidates. The committee also oversees maintenance of the building.