Our workshops and activities

Group Cooking Workshops

Cooking workshops will occur on a semi-monthly or monthly basis, depending on the preference of residents.

  • To develop healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Open to the population: to encourage the development of a social network, support social integration, and reduce stigmatization.
  • Open to loved ones: to encourage the reestablishment, improvement or maintenance of relationships.  This is also important because an individual’s loved ones have experiential knowledge that should be recognized (while respecting the choices and limitations of the individual as well as his/her family and friends).
  • To learn cost-saving strategies (e.g., group purchases, coupon searches, planning).
  • To develop skills: daily life skills, managing food purchases, budgeting and the development of social skills.
  • To offer this service to the English-speaking population.

Budget management and income tax workshops

  • To develop budget planning and financial management skills.
  • To ensure accounts are properly monitored.
  • To avoid debt.
  • To develop and maintain independence.

Community garden

The community garden will be located on the same grounds as the apartment building and will be connected to the cooking workshops.

  • Connected to the cooking workshops to ensure long-term gains.
  • To enable savings on food purchases (fresh vegetables, freezing, preserves).
  • To promote integration of the young residents in the community, by pairing The Shack residents with community members who would like to garden.
  • Because diversity has already proven to improve skill development, integration and stigma reduction.
  • To provide effective stimulation by means of concrete action.
  • To perform a task, reduce stress, and generate a sense of personal and social worth.
  • To allow people from the community to benefit from a free gardening space.
  • To encourage interaction and reduce isolation.

Art therapy workshops

These workshops may take several formats, according to the availability of volunteers and resident preferences (e.g., music, painting, singing, crafts)

  • To encourage self-expression and creativity.
  • To develop self-esteem.
  • To explore different creative mediums.
  • To diversify activities in order to draw upon different emotions and skills.
  • To support positive social interactions.

Fitness workshops

These workshops may vary according to volunteer availability and resident preferences (e.g., walking, running, yoga, meditation).

  • To develop and maintain healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Because physical exercise is recognized for its mental health benefits.
  • To develop a positive body image.

Volunteer or work in the community in collaboration with other organizations, businesses or companies

This will be determined according to the abilities, interests and motivation of each individual.  The individual and the community resources (organization, business or company) will both be supported by Mon Shack’s professional staff.

  • To acquire personal and professional skills.
  • To increase self-esteem.
  • To support the development of independence and a sense of organization.
  • To encourage social integration and social worth.
  • To prevent isolation and work towards reducing stigmatization.
  • To put concrete actions into practice.
  • To develop a sense of belonging and widen the individual’s social network.

Activities of daily living and home living activities (ADLs and HLAs)

  • To acquire skills related to the management of daily needs.
  • To assume responsibility for the upkeep of one’s home and health.
  • To promote empowerment.
  • To develop independence at home with the goal of eventually leaving Mon Shack. The ideal is to be able to live independently within the community, requiring only external follow-up.

Group activities

We very much hope that all residents at The Shack will participate in the organization and enjoyment of these activities (e.g., group trips to the movies, celebrating birthdays and holidays, organized trips). We wish the activities will be organized by and for the residents.

  • To make choices and learn more about one’s tastes and interests.
  • To develop social skills (discussion, negotiation, reaching agreement as a group).
  • To develop a sense of independence as well as organizational skills.
  • To create an empowerment zone.
  • To develop support through social companionship.
  • To support budget management skills.

Involvement in the living environment

Residents will be invited to participate actively in the activities of the board of directors, the recreation committee and the establishment of other groups or activities at The Shack.

  • To foster an empowerment zone.
  • To ensure that residents with a mental health problem know their skills are valued at Shack.
  • To promote participation in community living.
  • To foster a sense of belonging.
  • To develop social skills.


Ultimately, through these activities and while ensuring the primacy of the individual is respected throughout, we aim to nurture the development and maintenance of the following characteristics for The Shack’s clientele: 

  • Independence and empowerment (taking back control over one’s life).
  • Social skills.
  • Personal skills.
  • Healthy lifestyle habits (e.g., diet, stress management, physical activity).

  • Healthy self-esteem.
  • Active civic participation. 
  • Personal and professional skills that will allow the individual to integrate or reintegrate into the workforce or to take on a volunteer role.