Would you like to cook, do yoga, walk or participate in other activities with us?

For who?

For the 18-35 years old with mental health disorder, but who do not live at Mon Shack.

  • To have access to bilingual services.
  • In order to break the isolation.
  • To develop its social network.
  • To obtain support in its path to recovery.
  • To promote caring from and for other.

For relatives

  • In order to support relatives, to try to preserve the quality of the ties and to avoid their breaking with the person living at the Shack.
  • Because relatives have significant experiential knowledge.
  • To include them in the recovery process of the person who has to live with a mental problem.
  • All with respect of the choices, limitations and rights of the person and his/her relatives.

For the community

  • For those who wish to benefit from the various workshops.
  • To break isolation.
  • For those who want to animate a workshop or share knowledge.
  • To contribute to the reduction of stigmatization.

How ?

You just have to contact us to find out if space is available and to register as a member (it is free!)

You can contact us :

  • By phone : 819 481-0385