Because your donation makes a real difference in the community, we would like to say THANK YOU!

It would be impossible for us to fulfill our mission and offer our support services to young adults with mental health issues without your support.

By supporting us, you are encouraging:

  • Those with mental health issues from 18 to 35 years old, to fully reestablish themselves within the community.
  • People to actively participate in the community.
  • The de-stigmatization of mental health.

You can make a donation by:

  • On line simply by clicking the button « Make a donation now ».
  • Sending your donation by mail to : 3195, College street, Sherbrooke (Quebec)J1M 0E7.

Mon Shack … My Choice…My Future is a registered charity to provide tax receipts.

For information on donations, please contact Josee Parent at 819 481-0385 or by email at « ».

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CanaDon offers the possibility to give recurring monthly donations by credit card. Thank you for your generosity. With your support, a home for each person is possible.

What we’re working to address

There are several studies that clearly demonstrate that social determinants, such as poverty, isolation, stigmatization, and a lack of social support and social cohesion, are risk factors closely associated with the development and continuation of mental health conditions.

Among other factors, they report that quality of living environment and housing, sense of belonging to a community, civic engagement, and healthy lifestyle choices are positive factors that support the rehabilitation of an individual suffering from a mental health condition.  However, there are few resources in the Estrie that directly address these protective factors.

In response to this issue, “My Shack” is seeking to implement an apartment-style residence with supervised housing at a modest cost for its clientele in Sherbrooke, in a stimulating, bilingual environment.  This project will be the first to offer bilingual services in Estrie.

With this project, the organization seeks to contribute in a meaningful way to the rehabilitation of individuals living with mental health problems.

Our Strategies

The Shack will help decrease risk factors while increasing protective factors.

  • Biological factors: through workshops, individual support, empowerment, personalized follow-up, and access to services.
  • Socioeconomic status: through affordable, quality housing, group cooking workshops, and access to services.
  • Social inclusion: through participation on the board of directors and/or on the recreation committee, social network development in the community, loved ones’ involvement in their living environment, relationship development and social participation.
  • Favourable environment: through a healthy and stimulating living environment that promotes solidarity and inclusion, through safe, quality housing, and through participation in community life.

Creating Change

  • Biological factors: To increase self-esteem, promote the adoption and continued practice of healthy lifestyle habits, and contribute to better physical and mental health.  This will result in fewer hospitalizations, crisis situations and emergency visits.
  • Socioeconomic status: To ensure safe shelter and good nutrition, to contribute to the community (e.g., through volunteering), and to ensure access to services (partners) so that the individual feels self-worth and can participate as a citizen.
  • Social inclusion: increase social skills, develop safety nets, create reliable, rich and diverse social networks. Develop significant relationships with various individuals.
  • Favourable environment: To meet the basic need for housing, to offer an increased sense of belonging, to ensure safety, and to reduce stigmatization and exclusion.

Long-Term Desired Outcome

  • Promotes rehabilitation
  • Increases independence
  • Reduces psychological distress
  • Improves overall health
  • Integration in the community, civic engagement
  • Fewer emergency visits
  • Fewer crisis situations
  • Better relationships with loved ones
  • Reduced costs for the healthcare system and forsociety
  • Decreased stigmatization and social exclusion

Each year, people can help by organizing events or activities for the benefit of Mon Shack.

We will support those who wish to help by supplying promotional materials which highlight their activities and by any other ways possible.

Please contact Josee Parent for more information at 819 821-0515 or by email at “